Fast and Effective Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

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Keeping the drains clean in your commercial property is vital to the successful operation of your business. Without clean drains, your business will suffer and you will notice increased problems in your commercial building. At ZOOM DRAIN, we work with business owners to provide guaranteed drain solutions.

Unlike other service providers who advertise themselves as a jack-of-all-trades contractor, we are true drain specialists. Our extensive training and impressive experience allow us to see beyond a dirty or clogged drain in order to make sure your commercial property is operating safely and efficiently.


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Why Choose Professional Drain Cleaning?

Keeping your drains working flawlessly should be a top priority for businesses and property owners. There are numerous plumbing issues that stem from dirty and clogged drains. Many of these issues lead to safety and health concerns that could potentially shut down your building for days at a time. Some of the problems associated with clogged and dirty drains include:

  • Foul odors coming from the drains.
  • Overflowing sinks and toilets.
  • Burst pipes from the pressure that builds up behind a clog.
  • Slow-moving water in your sinks or toilets that will not flush properly.
  • And more!

These issues are all preventable with some professional commercial drain cleaning services.

Expert Commercial Drain Cleaning Methods

At ZOOM DRAIN, we use the following drain cleaning methods that are effective and safe on your drains.

PowerSnake Service
A blade mounted to the end of a metal cable is the main component in this service. The cable is snaked through the drains using an electro-mechanical machine. As the cable snakes through the drain, the blade at the end rotates to remove debris, cut through grease and thoroughly clean your pipes. PowerSnaking is ideal for removing tree roots, clearing out stubborn or recurring clogs, and helping to reverse slow drains.


Zoom Jetting (Water Jetting)
Our Zoom Jetting service is also ideal in removing stubborn clogs, particularly clogs caused by excessive sludge or grease clinging to pipe walls. A hose powered by a high-pressure water jet is threaded through the pipe, blasting away stubborn clogs as it travels through the line. Water jetting helps to improve the overall health and longevity of your pipes while preventing future clogs from forming. With water jetting there are no harmful chemicals used - only water - so your plumbing lines remain safe.


What Types of Drain Cleaning Products are Recommended?

Many chemical drain cleaners are not recommended by our professionals. Most store-bought drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that are known to corrode your pipes and cause more problems than they solve. At ZOOM DRAIN, we use three drain cleaning products that are completely safe and effective. They include:

Citra-Jet: This natural citrus-based degreaser is a powerful aid to our PowerSnake service. When used in addition to the PowerSnake service, we can provide guaranteed results and a sparkly clean drain pipe.

Bio-Clean: Containing special bacteria and enzymes that are designed to digest the organic materials found in your pipes, Bio-Clean is a great choice for those looking to quickly remove organic materials such as food, grease, hair and oil from the drain. This product does not react to non-organic materials such as the pipe itself, and it does not create harmful fumes so it’s completely safe to use in your building.


RootX: Roots are one of the biggest contributors to broken sewer lines. A root system will always search for a fresh source of water, even if it means bursting through a sewer line. RootX is a product that contains a natural herbicide. When it comes in contact with water, the solution turns into a foam that rises to the top of the pipe, creating a barrier so roots will not enter the pipe.


Preventative Maintenance Programs

For business owners or property managers, a preventative drain maintenance program is a great-value option to help keep your plumbing system running smoothly. The planned maintenance program at ZOOM DRAIN helps keep food, grease, and waste buildup in check by clearing your pipes and sewer lines on a regular basis.

Our two main preventative programs:

Periodic Drain Cleaning: After assessing your unique drain service needs, we are able to develop a personalized plan for drain cleaning that will best benefit your business.


Grease Trap Maintenance: If your industry uses a grease trap in your commercial building, you will need to invest in grease trap maintenance. When we clean the area, we take the entire component apart, empty it, safely dispose of the waste, thoroughly clean it, and then put everything back together.


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