About Us

The team at ZOOM DRAIN is committed to solving your toughest clogged drain problems using safe yet highly effective methods. Whether you need help with a stopped drain, a blocked toilet, or clearing out years of grime and sludge from your sewer line - we have you covered. Our team offers a range of drain cleaning options to fit your specific needs, from our PowerSnake service to heavy-duty Zoom-Jetting.


Our Mission

Fast. Focused. Zoom.

This is more than just our motto. It’s a reflection of our values as professionals and members of our community.

Fast means we respond at your convenience. We make every effort to be at your door within the agreed upon time or we will update you. But know this: we are going to be there within 24 hours or less...and usually it’s a lot less!

Focused means we are highly specialized sewer and drain experts. Instead of being jack of all trades, we have mastered successful drain/sewer cleaning and repair techniques. We only use the latest technology to maximize the chances that your drains will flow freely for longer. It’s why we train the way we do and why we invest in the best technology.

Zoom is the speed at which your problems go away! It also reflects the power of our technology. We don’t cut corners or take any shortcuts when it comes to your drain and sewer problems. All of our equipment is designed to execute heavy-duty, industrial-grade cleaning and repair, whether you are a homeowner or facility manager.

Call 1-866-CALL-ZOOM today to discuss your needs. No overtime charges and always flat-rate pricing. Solving your drain or sewer problems has never been easier!