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One of the many challenges of diagnosing sewer and drain problems is making an accurate guess on the true nature of the issue. In many cases, we are not able to see inside the drain, which means that deductive reasoning and educated estimation comes heavily into play. This is usually sufficient; however, it does open up room for mistakes, which can lead to expensive repairs or backtracking that costs time and money.

At ZOOM DRAIN, we use several advanced drain inspection techniques to help our technicians make the right diagnosis and recommend the most efficient repair possible. Our drain and sewer specialists rely on smoke testing, video camera inspection and pipe locating to carefully assess the issue and provide guaranteed solutions that match the problem.


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Benefits of Residential Drain Inspection Services

One of the most effective drain inspection techniques we use is video camera inspection. Our Zoom Cam technology allows us to get a comprehensive look at your drains and sewer lines. We insert a small camera mounted to a flexible rod inside the drain. Once the camera is in position, it reports video back to the technician in real-time. The technician is able to control the camera remotely so they can see as many angles as they need to make an accurate assessment. The camera also records a digital copy of the session in case the technician needs to refer back to it later on.

There are many different benefits and advantages to using a video camera inspection when you’re experiencing drain problems.

  • Eliminating the guesswork involved with diagnosing sewer problems.
  • Reducing the chances of performing an unnecessary or incorrect repair.
  • Saving the homeowner time on the repair since there is no more need to try and rule certain issues out.
  • Saving money on the repair by starting with the correct repair right away.
  • Noticing any other issues in the drain or sewer line that might not yet be presenting symptoms.

Another common use for video camera drain inspections includes finding lost objects in the drain. If you accidentally lost your wedding ring or other small personal item, chances are we can find it in the drain with a video inspection.

How Does Smoke Testing Work?

Smoke testing or sewer odor testing involves sending artificially-created smoke through a sewer or drain system to find damage or ruptures in the line. The smoke sent through the system is slightly pressurized so it will quickly look for the easiest way back out into the open. If plumes of smoke are noticed anywhere other than the start and end of the line, there is most likely a damaged area that requires repair. The smoke is not dangerous and will not cause damage to the line.

Some of the risk factors associated with damaged sewer lines include:

  • The possibility of leaking sewage into the ground.
  • May cause twigs, dirt or roots to backwash into your home.
  • Damaged sanitary sewers could also cause gases such as methane and hydrogen sulfide to leak out. These gases are explosive and toxic.

If the smoke does not exit the sewer or drain from an unexpected location, there may be no problems to report. However, if you are still experiencing sewer problems, other drain inspection methods can be done to verify.

When to Use Pipe Locating

Pipe locating is a common residential drain inspection technique. Like all inspection methods, pipe locating is used to limit the need for making educated estimates by providing a solid assessment and completely accurate information. With many drain services, the drain pipe must be exposed. This involves digging or drilling into your yard, driveway or basement to find the pipe.

With pipe locating technology, a tube is fed through the drain and a corresponding transmitter provides audio and visual signals when the tube reaches the correct location for the repair. This means that technicians can spend less time doing exploratory digging or drilling and more time actually fixing the problem at hand.

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