Reliable Residential Drain Cleaning & Drain Repair Services

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Improving the overall health of your home plumbing systems is easy when you take the time to maintain your drains and sewer lines. Residential drain cleaning, drain inspections and other sewer services are key to making sure your home is not bogged down by the negative effects of dirty or clogged drains. For example, did you know that clogged drains contribute to overflowing sinks and toilets, foul odors in the home and, in extreme cases, burst pipes? Most of these problems are completely preventable with comprehensive drain services.

At ZOOM DRAIN, we listen to homeowners’ unique problems and devise comprehensive service plans designed to provide guaranteed solutions. Unlike other service providers who operate as a jack-of-all-trades, we’re drain and sewer specialists, so we know how to keep your drains running smoothly at all times.


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What Types of Residential Drain Cleaning Services are Available?

Over the years, your drains collect debris and material that combine together and harden against the pipe wall. These clogs make it difficult for water to pass through the drain pipe and eventually lead to standing water in your sink or tub, overflowing, bad odors and more. The best way to keep your drains clean is with regular drain cleaning appointments. At ZOOM DRAIN, we offer three effective options for homeowners to keep their drains clean:

Power Snake Service: Effectively removing debris and grime from your pipes, our PowerSnake service consists of a metal cable attached to a rotating blade. As the cable snakes through your drain, the blade digests blockages and leaves your pipes clean as a whistle.

Zoom Jetting: If you are experiencing a stubborn or recurring clog, we recommend our Zoom Jetting service. This method uses a hose powered by high-pressure water jets to safely and efficiently blast through years of built-up clogs and debris.

Safe Drain Cleaning Products: Many store-bought drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that are not safe for use in your drain. These chemicals corrode the drain and lead to burst pipes. The drain products that we use are different. All of the products we rely on such as RootX, Bio-Clean and Citrajet are natural and safe for use in your pipes at home.

Benefits of Professional Drain Inspection

One of the greatest challenges when performing drain services is diagnosing the problem. In most cases, we are not able to see the issue since it’s located inside the drain or sewer. This is where professional drain inspection services come in handy.

Whether it’s inserting our Zoom Cam into the drain for a live video, using smoke testing to see where the damage is located or making sure the repair is on the right track with pipe locating, we are able to thoroughly and comprehensively examine your drains and sewers before starting a repair.

The benefits of drain inspections include:

  • Eliminating the guesswork related to a repair.
  • Saving time by finding out the problem right away.
  • Saving money from not needing to go through trial and error repairs.
  • Reducing the chances of misdiagnosing an issue.
  • Making sure the correct repair is done right from the start.
  • Preserving your property.

Affordable and Reliable Sewer and Drain Repair Services

Once we have inspected the drain and discovered the problem, we will devise an efficient repair plan designed to meet your unique service and budget needs. Some of the most common repair methods we use include:

Traditional Sewer Repair and Installations

  • In the right circumstances, we rely on traditional repairs to fix sewer line issues and replace old or damaged pipelines.
  • These repairs require digging and trenching to expose the damaged pipe.
  • This service is more time-consuming than other methods; however, it allows for a more comprehensive look at the extent of the damage and ensures that the repair is as thorough as possible.

Trenchless Repairs

  • There are two main types of trenchless repairs; pipe relining, which involves installing a new pipe directly inside the old one, and pipe bursting, which uses a splitting wedge to simultaneously remove old piping and install new pipe in its place.
  • These repairs help preserve your property and come in handy for pipes located underneath buildings, parking lots, roads and more.
  • In situations where digging to expose the pipe is not an option, we rely on trenchless repairs.

Sewer Pump Repairs

  • If you have a sink or toilet in the basement, you will have a sewer pump to pump the wastewater from the basement to the drain pipe.
  • If this component fails, you will experience issues with drainage in your basement.
  • Fast and efficient repairs are possible with the help of ZOOM DRAIN.

When you need reliable drain and sewer service that is fast and efficient, call 1-866-CALL-ZOOM. Our trained and experienced drain specialists provide guaranteed solutions that will help keep your drains running smoothly.