Plumbers and Mechanical Contractors

Lets face it. There are some services that you just dont want to offer. Drain and sewer cleaning may be on that list. It can be dirty, messy, nasty work. At ZOOM DRAIN, we only do drain and sewer work, so we dont compete with you. We are fast, focused and we make sure that drain and sewer problems get fixed, so you dont have to fuss with it. We'll take care of your customers by helping out with the few services that you dont want to deal with, while recommending you to our customers who may need your services!

Why Choose Us?

Zoom Contractor Referral Program- Less hassle for you and we do the work you may not want to do. Happy customers remain your customers. We don't do plumbing or mechanical work, so we dont compete with you. Contact us for more information.


Trained Specialists- With years of experience and our own in-house training center, you can be assured that we're not coming to learn on the job. Our technicians are formally trained in our state of the art training center to diagnose drain problems and perform expert drain cleaning. Cleaning drains is our specialty and each of our technicians cleans thousands every year, more than the average plumber will clean in a lifetime!

Super Service Trucks- Our service trucks are equipped with 5 different drain snakes, root cutters, video inspection systems, pipe locators, high pressure water jet drain cleaners, drain treatments and all the necessary equipment to handle the job efficiently.

Communication- Communication is more important than ever. Using computers, smart phones and tablets, we are fully connected. Our technicians can be communicated with instantly and they require full access to critical job information and past service history. We can provide you with an e-mail notification when our technician is dispatched, on-site, and when the job is complete so that you are always kept informed.

No extra charges for nights, weekends, or holidays- We offer evening and weekend service at no additional charge. We have full time service technicians on a dedicated night shift. They are either performing scheduled service calls or awaiting your call for service. We are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

Technicians you can trust- In today's security conscious environment it is critical that you hire service people you can trust. Our service technicians are background checked and drug and alcohol screened. Plus, our technicians are uniformed and carry identification badges to provide you a level of comfort and security by identifying members of our team.

Are you a plumbing or mechanical contractor who'd rather not deal with the dirtiest parts of the plumbing business? Leave the dirty work to the drain and sewer specialists at ZOOM DRAIN! Call 1-866-CALL-ZOOM to start working together today.