Peace of Mind Commercial Drain Inspections

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Drain inspections are the most useful services offered by any professional drain specialist. Commercial clients can attest to the fact that time is money, and with commercial drain inspections, we are able to save customers time and money on their repair by getting right to the point when diagnosing drain and sewer problems.

At ZOOM DRAIN, we use several advanced methods to quickly and efficiently locate sewer and drain problems. Using both advanced technology and industry-tested methods, we can expedite the repair process and help save you money in turn. This prompt service allows us to spend more time developing a comprehensive repair plan that will most efficiently and effectively solve the problem.


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Benefits of Commercial Drain Inspections

Drain inspection services are extremely beneficial. Without knowing exactly what is happening inside the pipe, we may misdiagnose the problem and take the wrong course of action to repair it. Some other benefits of performing comprehensive drain inspections include:

  • Eliminating the guesswork involved with diagnosing drain problems.
  • Saving time and money on the repair.
  • Understanding exactly what is going on inside the drain or sewer line.
  • Making the right diagnosis right away.
  • Identifying other pipe defects that may cause other sewage clogs and backups.

These inspections do not take long to perform and could potentially save you hundreds of dollars on your drain or sewer line repair. If the actual cause of your sewer or drain problem is unknown, professional inspection of the drain or sewer will help.


How Do Video Camera Drain Inspections Work?

Video camera inspections are one of the most important advancements in the industry. These tiny cameras allow technicians to actually see inside your drains.

At ZOOM DRAIN, we use our Zoom Cam technology to see inside the pipes. This consists of a small camera that is mounted to the end of a flexible rod. The rod and camera fit inside the pipe and transmit video directly to the technician in real-time.

Most cameras are also remote controlled to allow for easier operation. This also allows the technician to see what’s going on and move the camera in the appropriate direction. At the same time, the camera records a digital copy of the session in case the technician needs to refer back to it later.

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What are Some Other Drain Inspection Methods?

In addition to a video camera inspection, we also use several other methods to inspect your drains before providing comprehensive drain service options. Depending on the symptoms you are noticing, we may utilize one or more of the following drain inspection technologies. These types of drain inspections are helpful for detecting leaks and determining the best course of action for a repair:

Smoke Testing: This service is useful in detecting sewer line defects and damage in the main sewer line or lateral sewer line that connects to your commercial building. An artificial smoke is injected into the pipe at a certain point and the technician then watches to see where the smoke re-emerges. The smoke is designed to take the path of least resistance through the sewer line in order to get back out into the open. So if the smoke re-emerges somewhere unexpected, we can assume that there is a rupture or other damage to the sewer line in that area. If the smoke makes it all the way through the sewer line, but you are still experiencing sewer line issue symptoms, we may resort to a secondary method to determine if there is damage.

Pipe Locating: Knowing the exact location of the drain pipe is vital to seeing your issues solved forever. A pipe locating mechanism helps us locate the drain pipe in the ground. The mechanism consists of a line that is fed through the drain pipe, and an audiovisual transmitter that alerts the technician to the pinpointed location of the drain pipe. This is helpful because it prevents any unnecessary or exploratory digging in your yard or basement.

Save time and money on your drain and sewer repair by locating the problem using commercial drain inspection technology. Call 1-866-CALL-ZOOM today to schedule an appointment for professional drain inspection today.